The Awakening
                      Creates an
ise in
onsciousness for a

Savor the artichoke as you
peel back each treasure to
get to the heart...
just as within yourself.

Suggested books for you to
read, think, learn and grow:

Ask and It Is Given,
 Esther and Jerry Hicks

Cell~Level Healing,
Joyce Whitely Hawkes, Ph.D.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity,
 Edwene Gaines

HIT Humans in Training,
Jay D. Allen

Prosperous Living
J. Douglas Bottorff

Proof of Heaven,
Eben Alexander, M.D.

The Power of NOW,
Eckhart Tolle

The Awakening Circle
An Educational, Resource, Wellness Center
You are the master of your destiny.
 You can influence, direct and control your own environment.
~ Napoleon Hill, author "Think and Grow Rich"

An Educational, Resource,
Wellness Center

A place where you can seek, think,
learn and
your knowing self.

A place to journey that only you can

explore from within your spiritual center.

  Personal Affirmations for January 2014

There is only one presence, one life, and one power.  It is the power of God.  this power is the power of
my life.  I live, move, breathe, and have my being
in the power of God.  All is well.

I am one with God.  The joy of God guides me through-out this day with ease and grace. 
All that I experience guides and directs me to my greatest good.  I am the joy of God.


today, I let go and open to God as my life.  As I release my life to the power and presence of God,
 I know that my life is abundantly fulfilled.
 I now let it be so.

Appointed Time
Now is the time that I rejoice.  I give thanks for all the good that surrounds me.  Now is the appointed time that I give my light, my love, and my joy.
As I give, I gratefully receive.

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The Awakening Circle is a 501(c)(3)
 non-profit organization.